NEED Team Members

Mr Donat Ngendo






University of Zambia (UNZA)

Position in NEED  

Standards Engineer of Work Package 2 "Research Strategies"


Donat Ngendo Mubiligi received a BSc-Eng. in Applied Sciences at the National University of Rwanda (N.U.R) in 1980 and and a MSc degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Applied Computer Science respectively at N.U.R. in 1983 and Vrije Universiteit Brussels in 2005. He worked at the National University of Rwanda from 1983 to 1991 as a Lecturer and Director of Estate & Engineering Services. From 1991 to 1994, he worked for the National Company for Production and Distribution of Water, Gas and Electricity“ ELECTROGAZ” as Senior Projects Engineer. He engineered many pre-project and project phases related to studies (technical and economic viability) and construction of the first 'Rural Electrification Projects'. He was later on appointed as consultant at the 'Ministry of Public Works, Water and Energy' for the National Rehabilitation of Electrical Transmission Lines High Voltage and Substations-project funded by the World Bank. He co-authored the 'Electrical Code and Standards' for use in Electrogaz and that in collaboration with the Germany Technical Cooperation to Rwanda (GTZ). He joined the University of Zambia as Lecturer in 1996. Presently he is a consultant at Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre. His research interests include control engineering and power electronics applications; transport and distribution of electricity and renewable energy technologies.