Join the NEED Network!

One core element of the NEED Project is the formation of a long-lasting network in the field of renewable energies in order to join efforts and generate synergies to promote their usage in Southern Africa beyond the project period of NEED. The process of forming a long-lasting NEED network is currently underway. During the last project meeting in Maun, Botswana, a workshop was conducted addressing this matter and a first possible draft of the future network was formed.

The network will be focussing on Higher Education and Research Institutions on the one hand and Industries/Business in the field of renewable energies on the other hand. The aim is to bring these stakeholders in close cooperation in order to gain reciprocal benefits and to jointly follow the goal of fostering the application of renewable energy technologies in the Southern African region. This includes the guidance and consultation of government and other authorities in the field of renewable energies in the participating countries and on the long-run desirably leads to noticeable benefits for the local communities.

The NEED Network is still in an early stage, but you will find more information about the network on this site soon.

If you want to stay updated about the project so far or share your thoughts and ideas with us, just contact us and/or register for the NEED newsletter.