NEED Team Members

Dr Leungo Kelebopile                          






Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)

Position in NEED       

Energy Expert of Work Package 4 "Industry Standards"


Leungo Kelebopile studied for a Master degree in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from Loughborough University in 2002. His research was on “Selection of Inverters for Optimized Grid Connected PV System Design”. He then recently completed a PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in Thermal Engineering in 2013. His research topic was on ‘’The combustion and burn-out characteristics of a gasified semi-char”. He is currently employed at BIUST as a Lecturer in Energy Engineering. Before joining BIUST, he was employed at Botswana Technology Center as a Renewable Energy Engineer where he worked on projects such as design and installation of a solar thermal testing facility, mini-PV power station, wind mapping, solar chimney, PV street lighting and others.