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Dr Paul Chisale                           






Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Position in NEED       

Energy Expert of Work Package 6 "Mini-Grid Drylands"


Paul Chisale obtained his Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) in internal combustion engines from Varna Technical University, Bulgaria, in 1989. He also obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from Kobe University, Japan, in 1998.
Paul Chisale has more than 25 years research and lecturing experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels. His areas of interest spans from flow diagnostics, internal combustion engine, combustion, biofuel i.e. second generation fuel formulation and renewable energy systems. Dr. Chisale has participated, as lead consultant, in numerous consultancies both at national and regional levels. The consultancies include, among others, Due Diligent of a fertiliser plant (Grand Thornton), Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines IH exit profile (World Bank), Curriculum Development in Biomechanical (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa), Science and Technology Policy formulation (Government of the Republic of Zambia); National Energy Policy (Government of the Republic of Zambia); etc.
Paul Chisale is an Associate Professor/Deputy Director and has vast experience in curriculum development and evaluation; program accreditation; research formulation and administration etc. He has also acted as Dean of Faculty; Head of Department; substantive Associate Dean (Academic Affaires) and has supervised students at both at PhD and masters levels. Paul Chisale has also served on various national and industrial boards as a director and is a Mediator and Arbitrator for the High Court of Zambia.