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Mr Andrew Zulu                           






Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Position in NEED       

Energy Expert of Work Package 3 "Dual Studies"


Andrew Zulu studied Mechanical Engineering first degree at the University of Zambia (Zambia) and master’s degree at University of Cape Town (South Africa). He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies. He has been lecturer for applied mechanics and machine design at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) since 2007. He has been involved in pilot studies and research in Namibia’s renewable energy landscape, which is an identified appropriate technology given the abundant solar irradiance and wind resources in the country. Andrew has collaborated with local stakeholders on renewable energy including Ministry of Mines and Energy, Habitat Research and Development Centre and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI). He has supervised a number of final-year student design projects in renewable energy such as Development of Solar-thermal Software in Excel/VBA (2010), Arduino-controller Solar Tracker (2011), Improving the efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Panel Use (2012).