Press Releases and Publications

26.09.2016 - Here you can download the Proceedings of the DII-2016 Conference "Achieving Solutions for Renewable Energy, Livingstone, Zambia, 31 August - 2 September 2016.

26.09.2016 - Here you can download the Proceedings of the Summit "Renewable Energy Technologies for Development" which was organized by NEED in the framework of the DII 2016 Conference.

11.05.2016 - Here you can download the latest Etango Magazine
Publication of an article of the NEED project "NEED project tackles Renewable Energy obstacles" on pages 6/7

21.01.2016 Here you can download the DII - 2016 Flyer:

18.12.2015_ENGLISH_Press Release_Polytechnic is no more

The institution previously known as the Polytechnic of Namibia is now officially functioning as the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

17.12.2015  - German_TH_imotion_Nr.3_2015

26.07.2015  - UNZA represents NEED at a public discussion organized by the EAZ

Mr Mwansa Kaoma gave a presentation on "The Economic Cost of Load shedding - Viable Alternative Sources of Energy" at a public discussion organized by the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) on 20th August 2015. The corresponding article to this event can be downloaded here.

19.08.2015  - Prof Wilfried Zörner Ph.D.

Guest Lecture at Stellenbosch University: Renewable Energies in Germany - Status and Development of Energy Markets and Politics

Flyer of the South African International Renewable Energy Conference, 4-7 October, 2015

GERMAN_BAYFOR_2015 Broschüre: Europa in Reichweite

ENGLISH_PolyNews_30042015_Four universities drive to improve energy supply

GERMAN_ENGLISH_Forschungsbericht THI 2015_Research Report THI 2015

GERMAN_BAYFOR_2014 Jahresbericht

ENGLISH_Solar Energy Technology in Development Cooperation Conference_112014_NEED: Network of Excellence in Renewable Energy Technologies for Development

GERMAN_BAYFOR_052014_NEED:Nachhaltige Energie für südafrikanische Länder

GERMAN_Donaukurier_06032014_Die Kraft der Sonne nutzen